About Us


Junoon Dance Company was founded by Gemini Bhimani in 2009. Starting off by teaching/choreographing for private lessons and performing with the dance troupe at special events around Chicago, JDC has grown tremendously. Moving to a studio in 2015, we started off we just 2 students and 1 instructor, and now we are continuously growing with over 40 students and 7 instructors. JDC teaches all ages and backgrounds Indian style dances, no matter the students' experience. Dance forms we teach include: bollywood, folk, semiclassical, and fusion styles. JDC teaches classes, workshops, private lessons, and fitness classes, and performs with the JDC Passion Dance Team at various events around the Chicagoland area. Our mission is to spread creativity, passion, and confidence to all our students through the art of dance. We firmly believe that dancing is not only about physical movements- it enables us to express our emotions, find our confidence, and discover our true abilities. Everyone and anyone can dance- and we can help you discover your passion and talent. Everyone has a passion- ours is dance.

Meet Our Instructors

Gemini Bhimani

Director | Founder | Instructor

Dance is my passion! I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and am trained in Bharatnatym by Smt. Toral Chaudhari of Nrutya Kalashree Dance Academy, completing my Arengetram at the age of 14. My dance experience includes: tap dancing, ballet, bharatnatym, bollywood, and other forms of Indian dance. I began choreographing at the age of 8, when I choreographed a dance for my elementary school's talent show. After that, I started choreographing students from my dance school, Nrutya Kalashree Dance Academy, for special events and occasions. I took that and started Junoon Dance Company when I was 17, teaching private lessons and having my dance troupe perform at local events, while practicing at India House, my garage, student's basements, and my backyard. Junoon finally moved to a home in 2015 and things have never been so amazing. I love teaching my students of all ages and backgrounds and hanging out with my awesome instructors, or Junooners! Since the beginning of JDC, I have been honored to teach, perform, and dance for various prestigious events around the Chicago-land area. I am so thankful to everyone who has made this possible for Junoon and me!

Aside from Junoon, I am also the Chicago Brand Ambassador for the Learn Bhangra App, hold a degree a psychology and currently pursuing my second bachelor's degree in nursing. I have an extensive background working with children, including working with children on the autism spectrum for 2 years as an applied behavioral analyst. With my nursing degree, I hope to further help children who are impacted by mental health issues. In my free time, I volunteer for the Make A Wish foundation and love to cook and bake!