Indian Dance Kids Classes

Thank you for taking interest in Junoon Dance Company and very excited and hope you will join our Family! Scroll down to learn about kids classes, adult classes, upcoming events and classes and videos!
Kid’s Classes: Starts September 22nd, 2019! Registration ends OCTOBER 6TH! This semester will include Holiday breaks and will run until mid-January!

Our dance school is for kids (boys and girls) from ages 4-17. We teach different styles of dances including: Bollywood, Indian folk, Semi-classical and Fusion styles. Classes are divided among age groups so that our students can socialize and learn material appropriate to their age. Our program is a year-long program that is based on a curriculum to not only teach dance but to also strengthen and develop academic, social, and behavioral skills.

Students move up to the next level of difficulty in their class every semester, or every 4 months. New students will start our program in beginner classes (unless decided with the instructor otherwise).

Our Kid's Dance School is taught over 3, 4- month semesters. Each semester is $200 ($40 new student registration fee). All payment is DUE by the second class; late payments may results in late fees.

Sibling discount: Applies to siblings and cousins. $25 off each successful registration/ student in the same family (limit 2 children per family) Referral discount: $10 off semester fees for the referral and referrer. Up to 2 referral discounts per student. SPRING/SUMMER PROMOTION: Attend our recital on April 7th at Cutting Hall in Palatine from 6-8 and receive $15 off fees!

Click on the registration tab, look for the class and select the appropriate option (New students, choose "new student"; Existing student, choose "existing student".


  • Mini Madhuris (Girls ages 4-6)
  • Little Thumkas (Girls ages 7-9)
  • Bollywood Babes (Girls ages 10-12)
  • Bollyfusion (Girls ages 13-17)
  • Handsome Heroes (Boys ages 4-6)
  • Desi Dudes (Boys ages 7-12)
  • Taarein Zameen Par (Bollywood Dance Class for kids who have Special Needs)

Lessons they will learn are...

Beginner classes:
  • 1. Rhythm and Beat
  • 2. Isolating Body Movements
  • 3. Coordination
  • 4. Memorization

Intermediate classes:
  • 1. Awareness of Space
  • 2. Balance
  • 3. Posture
  • 4. Flexibility

Advance classes*:
  • 1. Expressions
  • 2. Balance
  • 3. Stamina
  • 4. Going beyond limits
*students will then move on to the next age level and can continue to work on their skills until
IF THERE IS NOT A TIME OR CLASS THAT YOU DESIRE, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT (630)518-5578. We are always ready to work around your schedule :)

Handsome Heroes Intermediate: Boys ages 4-7. 4-5 pm OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Mini Madhuris: Ages 4-6 girls. 5-6 pm OPEN FOR REGISTRATION
Bollywood Babes Ages 10-12 girls. 6-7 pm OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Little Thumkas Beginner: Ages 7-9 girls 5-6 pm OPEN FOR REGISTRATION
Little Thumkas Advanced: ages 7-9 girls. 6-7 pm
Bollywood Babes Beginner: girls ages 10-12. 7-8 pm

Little Thumkas Intermediate: ages 7-9 girls 6-7 pm
Little Thumkas Beginner: ages 7-9 girls 7-8 pm OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Desi Dudes Advanced: ages 7-12 boys 5-6 pm

Little Thumkas Intermediate: girls 7-9. 9-10 am
Little Thumkas Advanced: girls 7-9. 10-11 am
Mini Madhuris Beginner: girls 4-6. 11-12 pm

Adult Classes


  • Dancing Divas (Adults Female Bollywood Dance Class)
  • Evergreen Couples (Available per request)

Dancing Divas - Adult Dance Class: OPEN FOR NEW STUDENTS

  • 6pm - 7pm